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Know your customer

KYC can be a costly, manual and time consuming burden for todays enterprises. We take the pain out of the compliance burden and allow your customers to transact with you using a unique digital identity. Customer on-boarding is now done in seconds and up-sell or cross-sell opportunities are now at the touch of a button on your customers mobile devices.

Know about your customer

In todays connected world, your decisions need to be prioritized to ensure the ultimate client experience. We provide you with a platform that make this a digital reality for your business.

Building a single view of your customer and their interactions with your products and services, allowing you to measure this interaction across multiple systems and datasets is our mission. We help you make business sense of this data and drive action in real time to manage the outcomes you desire.

Work for your customer

Today employees and customers expect consumer grade service, delivered in a digital way just like they experience this outside the workplace when booking a flight or requesting an UBER but these high touch experiences require an always on infrastructure and a system of engagement that drives collaboration and productivity.

We provide a platform that makes work flow seamlessly across your organisation letting your employees be employees and your customer get what they need when they need it. We do all of this with the outcomes of growing your market share, reducing churn and increasing your operational efficiency.


Businesses no longer have the luxury to perform manual, time consuming functions. Quintica focus on optimizing and automating your organizations entire service catalogue and routine business

processes. We achieve this through our agile cloud based platforms or by simply applying best practice frameworks such as ISO / ITIL to your business.


Running a business on multiple systems and platforms is messy and very costly. By moving your business’s ecosystem into a single platform, utilizing a “single system of record”, Quintica provides centralized control across all data records, business metrics and workflows. Quintica achieves this though our unique cloud based Customer Experience Platform.


Having real time access to the correct business metrics, will ensure that you are continually focusing on your customer’s experience. By moving your data onto our CXP platform, you will be able to present your key business indicators internally, on any device, at any time. We achieve this though our agile cloud based CXP platform and our unique “Next Generation Business Service Dashboard” also known as Singleview.

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